Saturday, July 7, 2012

Modsock: A Candy Store For Your Feet

Update December 2014: Modsock now has their own sock line and they are clever, beautiful and make great Xmas gifts! Check out the photos below. Keep scrolling down for the review!

The ever ebullient Urania opened ModSock on December of 2011 in a beautiful space full of light and modernist architectural flairs. Hardwood floors and high ceilings all work to give the shop a luminous and cheerful atmosphere. The entrance is framed with two long display windows which are used to maximum effect with amusingly themed presentations.

The selection is amazing, almost hallucinogenic, like stepping into a color wheel, thousands of shades and designs, shapes, textures. All presented with a sense of elegance, style and humor. I particularly like to stand in front of the section with the socks with clever words and amuse myself over the juxtapositions: MEAT TOFU GAY BADASS ZOMBIE GROOM.

They have socks for everyone, young and old, small or large, thick or thin: super comfortable merino and cashmere wool socks, toe socks (be sure to read the amusing modifications on the labels), over the knee socks. It is almost Dr. Seussian how many socks they have: red socks, blue socks, socks you never knew socks, so many socks just for you socks! 

However, what makes ModSock unique is they are more than just a sock store. They also involve themselves in local events, staying open late for ArtWalks, having live figure drawing events, sock-hops and photo-ops with a live sock monkey. The prices are reasonable and very friendly. And it seems like there is always a special or a sale going on. Follow them on FaceBook for announcements. They also have a punch card that offers $10 off.  If you are looking for great gifts for anyone on any occasion, ModSock is the place to go. 
1323 Cornwall Ave. 

All photographs by Ashley Berger and Scot Casey 

Photo by Django Boren
Photo by Django Boren

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