Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Fourth Corner: The maniac succeeded in obtaining the weapon

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Been reading up on the history of the area and stumbled upon The Fourth Corner: Highlights from the Early Northwest by Lelah Jackson Edson -  the best and most charming book I've yet to read on local history. What initially brought my attention to the book was the cover: it is composed of clipped newspaper articles. One in particular caught my attention (it is in the above scan):

Desperate Encounter - A temporarily insane man, confined in the old block-house, a few days ago attacked Wm Wolfe, as he entered the building, and made an effort to get possession of that gentleman's revolver. Wolfe grappled with him, and the encounter became desperate. The maniac succeeded in obtaining the weapon, and in the struggle, discharging three shots - one of them shooting Wolfe through the hand, a second bullet grazing his head, and the third wounding him slightly in the neck. The insane man is named Waterhouse. Wolfe is able to be about.

The phrasing itself evokes the historical period: "grappled with him", "Wolfe is able to be about". Ever since I read this I have been wondering what the rest of that story is. That Waterhouse was described as "temporarily insane", that he was in possession of a revolver... all highly intriguing.

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