Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kit Nelson, Shawnee Kilgore and Daisy O'Connor - The Green Frog - August 2, 2012

Kit Nelson, Shawnee Kilgore and Daisy O'Connor – The Green Frog

August 2, 2012

There is some sort of weird nexus between Bellingham and Austin, Texas. Witness the harmonic convergence of Kit Nelson, Shawnee Kilgore and Daisy O'Connor at the Green Frog. Three extremely talented singer-songwriters sharing the steamy stage at the Frog to a happy boisterous crowd. 

Unfortunately, I arrive too late to hear Daisy O’Connor (Bellingham native moved to Austin) or Shawnee Kilgore (from Austin). Both are very talented songwriters and singers. I have heard great things about both of them. And their online music is beautiful. Both have subtle senses of humor and a clever way with words. I am sorry the Junkie show at the Honey Moon kept me too late. 

When I walk into the Green Frog, Kit Nelson in on stage doing what she does best, flirting, taunting and amazing the crowd. It is a warm night, the crowd is sweaty and loud. Kit looks as if she is air-conditioned, having made a deal with the devil to always look collected and cool. She plays an excellent, almost angry, rendition of her ode to an ex, “God Must Have Been in a Rush,” then segues into an fiery “Mama Will You Bail Me Out.” Someone in the audience requests “Wild Horses” and Kit sets down the guitar and plays a beautiful cover. She keeps up the between song banter, yelling at the audience, telling them that they are sons of bitches and having them love her even more. Later, bringing Jenni Potts up to sing a sublime harmony on “Everybody’s Dreaming.” 

Austin seems to have given her a little more edge. Or maybe it was just being back in Bellingham. Everyone in the crowd seemed a personal friend, happy to have her back at the Green Frog. Here’s hoping she and Shawnee and Daisy play a few more shows before they return. 

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