Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slacks At Cap’s - May 15, 2012

Slacks - Bellingham - source

Slacks At Cap’s

Tuesday - May 15, 2012

Show up at Cap’s on the right Tuesday for once to see the Cherry
Blossoms and discover that they are not playing. However, the Slacks
are. Perfect. Andre and LP stripped down to drums and guitar. They
start off the night, invoking the soul of the 60s garage punk sound
with “Bye Bye Mind.” A slowly building drum rhythm riff. Aching
vocals. Next song, “Don’t Come Over,” sinks the lo fi sonic aesthetic
hook even deeper. Elements of the Greenhorns. Retro lo fi. Ghosts of
the 13th Floor Elevators. Andre’s feedbacking buzz humming guitar
fuses into perfect fuzzed out sounds. Imagine T-Rex crossed with The
Stooges. Both LP and Andre are wearing shades. Lou Reed ultra-style.
LP’s drumming is immaculate, tight and honed down to a zenlike
simplicity, every phrase like a koan: what is the sound of one drum

I swear I can hear Roky Erickson’s soul is screaming with insane joy
somewhere inside of it all. The wail of a forlorn soul in a dark world
full of sex and death, with just this one moment of music offering any
measure of redemption. The crowd at Cap’s is appreciative and
screaming like early Stones’ fans. The song, “You Ain’t” gets everyone
dancing in the aisles. “I Don’t Wanna” with its warm buzz of tubed up
amps is just pure snake hot music. They finish out with a diamond
perfect version of Roky’s “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” Later Andre tells me
that it isn’t complicated, but sometimes it is difficult to make it
that simple. They are The Slacks and you aren’t. My new favorite band
in Bellingham.



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